'Rainbow Rockfall' mini-pack - Naturally dyed 4ply Superwash Bluefaced Leicester yarn with Donegal Nep


Naturally dyed 85% British Bluefaced Leicester with 15% Donegal Nep Superwash 4ply yarn mini pack

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The Rainbow Rockfall mini-pack contains 7 x 5g balls of a lovely 4ply British Bluefaced Leicester yarn with Donegal Nep. This yarn is Superwash treated which is a process that prevents the fibres from felting as easily. The treatment is highly regulated, and any by-products are removed before the water is reintroduced to the environment. The resin used in the process will biodegrade along with the wool at the end of the fibre's life. None of the yarn contains nylon.

These packs are perfect for a small project such as knitted or crochet squares for a blanket or to add a pop of colour to a garment or accessories. They are also perfect to use for small weaving projects too.

Fibre content: 85% British Bluefaced Leicester / 15% Donegal Nep

Pack weight: 35g

Skein length: approximately 140m

The yarn is dyed using natural extracts to produce vibrant colours.

Care should be taken when laundering your garment, use cool/warm water with a PH neutral wash. Many natural dyes are sensitive to varying PH levels and minerals and therefore using a product that is more acidic or alkaline could cause the original colour to shift. It is recommended to not use fabric conditioner with your yarn as it can occasionally cause the colour to bleed during laundering. Dry garments flat and out of direct sunlight to prevent undue fading.

It is recommended to wash dark colours separately and if using dark and light colours together, it is advised to test a sample prior to use. Yarns are carefully rinsed to remove dyes, however, on occasion, a small amount of excess dye could rinse out in the first wash.

Please note, colours can vary according to different computer monitors. Care has been taken during photography to represent the colours as accurately as possible.

**International orders are accepted however there may be VAT, duty, taxes and customs requirements applied in the country where the order is being delivered. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay any customs duties, fees, foreign taxes including VAT or associated costs where applicable when the order arrives at the chosen destination.**

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