Moments in Nature: Camping Embroidery Kit


Naturally Dyed Embroidery Kit

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Moments in Nature are designs influenced by the Great Outdoors. This camping scene has been designed to showcase the inspiration of the colour names and uses a variety of straight stitches that are perfect for a beginner or for a relaxing project for a more established embroiderer.

Each kit contains a printed piece of Organic linen fabric, 4" bamboo hoop, crewel needle, naturally dyed pure silk threads required to complete the design along with full instructions and linen ribbon for finishing. There is also an option to add small Rose Gold embroidery scissors to the kit.

The Pure Mulberry Silk Embroidery threads have been naturally hand-dyed using natural dye extracts and care should be taken if laundering your finished design. Use cool/warm water with a PH neutral wash. Many natural dyes are sensitive to varying PH levels and minerals and therefore using a product which is more acidic or alkaline could cause the original colour to shift. It is recommended to not use fabric conditioner as it can occasionally cause the colour to bleed during laundering. Dry design flat and out of direct sunlight to prevent undue fading.

It is recommended to wash dark colours separately and if using dark and light colours together, it is advised to test a sample prior to use. Threads are carefully rinsed to remove dyes, however, on occasion, a small amount of excess dye could rinse out in the first wash.

Please note, colours can vary according to different computer monitors. Care has been taken during photography to represent the colours as accurately as possible.

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