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Brambles & Me

About Us

Brambles & Me is a natural dye business located within the heart of the North East of England, founded by Mia Malone.
My love of the outdoors began as a child, playing in my grandparent’s garden, surrounded by nature. Some of my earliest memories are of planting bulbs and shrubs with my grandad to attract butterflies and bees.
This love of nature blossomed as I grew into adulthood. Now as a wife and mother, I cherish our small family adventures in the great outdoors. Together, we appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer.


Natural Dyes

All my yarns and fabrics are dyed naturally which produce results as unique as Mother Nature, therefore care is required to ensure the longevity of these naturally produced colours.
It is recommended to carefully hand wash the yarns and fabrics in cool/warm water using a PH neutral no rinse solution as many natural dyes are sensitive to varying PH levels and minerals and therefore using product which is more acidic or alkaline could cause the original colour to shift. Naturally produced colours can evolve over time and develop further characteristics. 



During my workshops, I will help you to unlock the power of nature and assist you in producing an item as unique as you.
If you would like to explore the wonderful colours nature has to offer, I run workshops in collaboration with Black Cat Yarns in Morpeth. Please follow the link for further information on how to book. Click Here to Book Now.



When laundering, it is recommended to wash dark colours separately. If using light and dark colours together, I advise to test samples prior to use. Please note, colours can vary according to different computer monitors. Care has been taken during photography to represent the colours as accurately as possible. 

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